Joker SE x10 Crochet Synthetic Dreads - purple green

Item Description


10 single ended dreads made and ready to be sent out to you.

In blends of green transitioning to purple. Made in my wrapped crochet style

Length: 17-21 inches

Thickness: 1cm and some just over (measured across the widest point of the dread)

Colours used: shamrock green, lime green, funki purple, deep sea purple

These dreads are perfect to accent your existing real or synthetic dreads, or to braid in with your normal hair for a partial install.

My crochet dreads are made from synthetic kanekalon hair, fully back combed, felted, palm rolled, crocheted and sealed with boiling water. Giving them that more natural dread look. Light weight and durable.

I have been making synthetic dreads for 13 years. During this time I have developed a variety of skills and techniques which have formed the creative process used that you can see in my dreads today.

A lot of time and love goes into creating unique and long lasting hair pieces for you! It is of the utmost importance to me that my dreads are of great quality and providing excellent customer service.

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