Synthetic Dread FAQ

Synthetic dreads are a great temporary way to change the colour and style of your hair! 

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me or check out my FAQ below

Dread FAQ

Q. What are synthetic/fake dreads?

A. Synthetic dreads are exactly what they are called, fake dreadlocks. They are made from synthetic hair (or sometimes wool / roving)  and are a non permanent way to have a dreadlocks hair style


Q. Why have synthetic dreads when you can real dreads?

A. Synthetic dreads are a great way to have a new hair style without the long term commitment. Synth dreads can be worn up to 3 months (this depends on person to person) and cause no damage to your natural hair.

For a lot of people work or school can dictate the hair style they have so being able to wear synthetic dreads during holidays or weekends allows them to have a new look for a short period of time.

Also some people with real locks also add synthetic dreads to them to add colour, volume or length. 


Q. What is the difference between single and double ended dreads?

A.  Please refer to my blog post about this HERE


Q. How long will my dreads last?


Your dread set can last you forever if you look after them properly and you can install them into your hair many times.

Dreads can be washed and if you think your synthetic dreads need a bit of maintenance just send me a message :)

Q. How do you install synthetic dreads?

A. Synthetic dreads are braided into your natural hair. Here are a couple of links to some very good tutorials on how to do so.

  • How to install double ended dreads - Link
  • How to install single ended dreads - Link

It is possible to install dreads by yourself (I have always done my own), granted doing the back is tricky but once you get used to it its fine. Or you might want to get a friend to help you.


Q. Will wearing synthetic dreads damage my hair?

Nope :) Your hair is braided around the synthetic dread and secured with elastic bands or thread so all of your natural hair is out of the way (unless you leave your fringe/ bangs out). By having this hair style you will not be using any damaging heat to them from hair dryers or straighteners you may usually use.

When you take your dreads out it will seem like you will lose a lot of hair when you wash it, this is because your hair is braided the amount of hair you naturally lose per day has not  been able to shed so it all comes out at once. 


Q. Why are synthetic dreads expensive?

Prices of synthetic dreads vary from seller to seller. Making dreads takes a lot of time and effort on the makers part. Personally each single dread I make takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to make dependent on the length and style of the dread. And does not include the time it takes to section hair, blend hair and the sealing of the dreads.

The materials for the dreads also has to be taken into account e.g. how many packets of synthetic (kanekalon) hair is used to make the set. Also the tools such as combs, crochet hooks, felting needles etc. And not to forget the electricity that is used. 

Some dread makers, like myself, create synthetic dreads for a living so it is vital to cover all material, making and operating costs in order to support ourselves and continue to do the job we love.


Q. What are accent kits /accent dreads?

A. Basically it is a small amount of dreads (not a full set) to accent an existing dread set, to add to your natural dreadlocks or for a partial install with your natural hair.

For example I have a full black dread set, which I often like to add a bit of colour to. So by adding an accent kit of 10-15 dreads I can do that easily. Alternatively you can braid in a view dreads among your natural hair for a partial install, to create a textured look.

It is often a good ( and less costly) way to try new styles of dreads or  new makers before spending out on a full set for yourself. 


Q. How many dreads do I need for a full head install?

A. Typically a full head install is 40-50 double ended dreads or 45-70 single ended dreads. This does depends on the thickness and style of your own hair and the thickness of the synthetic dreads themselves. If you have an undercut or one shaved side you will usually need less dreads.


Q. Do you take custom dread orders?

A. At present I do not. I only offer pre made sets, that I have already created and are ready to send out to you. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me 

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